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Leh Keen Races Against The Rain At 24 Hours Nurburgring



There are many dangers in the world of endurance racing: driver fatigue, mechanical problems and, of course, other drivers. When Mother Nature adds to the risk, however, the race enter a whole new level of difficulty.

Leh Keen is seen above with a camera inside his Porsche 911 GT3 R, driving madly through the rain during the 2013 race right before they waved the 9 hour red flag due to rain. Keen’s frenzied run shows exactly how skilled Adrenalists handle changes on the course. Adrenalists always go fast, but speeding in the rain requires nerves that never falter and lightning-fast reflexes. One wrong turn of the steering wheel and the race would have been over, but Keen dominates the track as well as the weather.

The 2013 race was made notable for two reasons. The first being that the winning car manufacturer was Mercedes Benz, for the first time, with four drivers: Bernd Schneider, Jeroen Bleekemolen, Sean Edwards and Nicki Thiim. The second reason being that the race was stopped for 9 hours due to rain.

In endurance racing, the objective is to travel as far as possible in a predetermined amount of time. The 24 Hours of Le Mans, for example, goes on for 24 hours straight. For the even longer races, this feat isn’t even performed by a single driver. If it’s a course, teams consisting of 2-4 drivers attempt to traverse as many times as they can, taking turns driving as fast as possible. For the 24 Hours Nurburgring, one of the best endurance races in motorsport, it’s 24 hours at the Nurburgring sports complex, North Loop, which is about 12.8 miles of distance and over 1000 feet of elevation change.

Rain or shine, Leh Keen and the rest of these racing Adrenalists came prepared to go the extra mile.

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