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Motorbiker’s Helmet Cam Captures Off-Road GNCC Racing Action



First-person cameras allow us to empathize with the extremity others are going through from the comfort of our own home. So when motorbiker, Cody Gragg, gave us a chance to sit on his bike during the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC Racing) series, we couldn’t resist.

Riders in GNCC racing are subjected to some of the most arduous conditions to bike through, including mud, rocks, trees, roots, inclines, declines and much more. All of these obstacles are liable to knock a rider off their bike and cause some severe damage at the same time. Cody Gragg gives us a first-person view of these tumultuous conditions with a helmet cam strapped to his head during the XC2 2013 Steele Creek race earlier in April.

Despite starting near dead-last in the race after falling 30 seconds, Cody Gragg managed to work his way close to the front, and finish the race in 7th. Gragg isn’t well known unless you’re an avid GNCC spectator, but he’s a consistent top 10 finisher who once stopped racing in the middle of a 2011 GNCC race to assist Australian star racer, Josh Strang, when he toppled over some roots in the woods. Despite his racing experience, this Adrenalist is only 19 years old according to his Twitter page.

Check out the GNCC Racing series if you haven’t yet. because these guys feature some serious off-road action. You’ll be amazed at the level of skill the riders possess and the dexterity they exhibit as they navigate these incredibly tough courses during just a typical race.

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