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Moto Legend Robbie Maddison Tears Through Abandoned Airfield



In the moto world, there aren’t many riders as big as Robbie Maddison (aka “Maddo”). The Australian motorbike stunt champion has multiple gold medals hanging somewhere in his home, and we’ve already covered his historic New Year’s Day jump to the top of Las Vegas’ Paris Hotel in 2009 in our Biggest Jumps feature, not to mention his regulation-sized football field vault. It goes without saying most readers of the Adrenalist are aware of the Crazy Demons rider that’s still pushing the very of how far you can jump on a motorbike.

Recently, Robbie Maddison, in conjunction with DC Shoes, helped shoot AIR.CRAFT as part of the debut of his newest TeamWorks collection of signature motorcross gear. The moto video was filmed in a military service airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona, featuring some never before seen stunts from Maddison in the sepia-toned backdrop of a desert graveyard where dust and dirt trail his motorcycle.

With cumulus clouds wafting in a blue sky draped in the background and the discarded steel and aluminum of thousands of retired military planes shimmering hazily in the sun, Maddison rumbles into the airplane graveyard and begins to assault the various obstacles the setting presents. The very first thing he does in the short film is ride directly over empty missile casings. That should give you an idea of what else you’ll get to see: jumping from one airline wing to another, Step-ups to airplane shipping containers, wheelies through skeletal airline bodies and bounding up luggage ramps all discarded in an airplane wasteland that’s become a stunt course unlike any you’ve seen before. Wonderfully shot and with a soundtrack straight from a Sergio Leone film, you won’t want to miss Robbie Maddison’s AIR.CRAFT. Check it out, and think of Robbie the next time you get on a plane.

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