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Top 6 Most Extreme Motorsports



There are motorsports, and then there are extreme motorsports: those that introduce a whole new level of jeopardy into the mix. From navigating city streets at blazing speeds to climbing winding mountain roads to flying through the air on a motorcycle, the high potential for mishap only pushes these athletes to ever faster and higher and more outrageous attempts.

1. Offroad Rallies and Desert Racing:
The Dakar Rally, one of the world’s most dangerous offroad races  originally ran from Paris to Senegal, and is now run in South America. The race categories include motorcycles, cars, and trucks, modified to compete in extreme conditions.

2. Street Circuit Racing:
When you start racing on public roads, the danger and excitement levels skyrocket. Drivers the Monaco or Macau Grand Prix  push their cars and motorcycles through narrow lanes and tight corners at speeds up to 150 mph.

3. Jet Powered Cars:
The inherent danger of having a jet engine in the back of your drag racer doesn’t stop everyone from topping 700 mph in jet powered vehicles that measure their fuel efficiency in gallons per mile.

 4. Endurance Racing:
Events like the 24 hours of Le Mans  demand several thousand miles of non-stop racing, and stress the ability of the drivers and the crews to maintain speed and efficiency, as well as the reliability of the vehicle itself.

5. Hill Climbs:
The popularity of events like the Mt Washington Climb to the Clouds  is proof that there are many who never outgrew playing “King of the Hill.” Cars and motorcycles race up twisty roads at high speeds, with the possibility of extreme weather along the course.

6. Freestyle Motocross (FMX):
Freestyle motocross riders pull off daring and complex tricks and take on the ultimate challenge: the 60’ jumps that constitute the “Big Air” competition.

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