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Record Dam Drop



Dan McCain’s 125-foot descent of Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington is quite simply one of the most unbelievable adventure sports videos we’ve ever seen. It is literally “unbelievable”. It must be fake. It must be! 

It isn’t. 

McCain spoke with Canoe & Kayak about the plunge, which took place 2 years ago, but hasn’t been officially released until now because he was afraid the video would get him arrested for trespassing. (Scroll down in the article to see their exclusive video of the drop).

“There was one employee working that day at the dam,” McCain tells the magazine. “When he took off we got everything ready as quick as we could and dropped over it … instead of taking out at the bottom of the dam and hiking back up with a raft, we paddled through the gorge and to the Columbia to avoid getting caught.” 

That’s what you call a scenic, quick getaway.

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