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Redbull X-Fighters Dubai Best Tricks



There’s nothing quite like a top-5 video to pump you up and get you thinking about doing something great. The more hi-fi, filmic stuff is awesome and viscerally moving in a way that “top” vids may not be, but when you’re in the market for a quick shock to the senses, a reminder of extreme ability, an inspiration to push yourself, you must turn to the ranked rapidity of something like this year’s Redbull X-Fighters Dubai International Freestyle Motocross competition.

You must also choose your favorite trick. We did. Knowing we may generate some serious criticism here, the move that got our adrenaline flowing hardest was #5. We’re calling it the “Look ma! No hands… just feet.” What’s your pick? #5 too, right? Go ahead, you can tell us. This is a safe place. All of the tricks are amazing, and each and every one of these Adrenalists deserve a round of applause.

Go on, start applauding.

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