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The Mongol Rally Challenges Racers with 10,000 Mile Journey



You don’t need style or grace to compete in the Mongol Rally, you just need a vehicle that can withstand some of the world’s toughest roads.

Participants of the Mongol Rally drive from London to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, a distance The Adventurists call, “10,000 miles of adventuring bliss.” To add to the extreme distance, racers are bound by the one liter rule: only vehicles with an engine size under one liter can be used in the rally. The 10th annual Rally has just launched on Jul. 14, from Bodiam Castle in the UK. A few hundred carloads of adventurers will spend the next few weeks winding across Europe and Asia with no set route to guide them, raising money for charity along the way. The conditions for driving are few: teams have to raise a total £1,000 for charity and the engine of the car used has to be smaller than 1.2 liters (simply because it makes things more difficult, in the spirit of adventure). The only exception to the 1.2 liter rule is if the automobile is a service vehicle: some teams drive ambulances and fire trucks.

The Mongol Rally teams meet up in the Czech Republic for a party a few days after launch. After that? They’re on their own.

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