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The North West 200 Motorcycle Race



Driving a motorcycle is a dangerous hobby, but the risk involved with straddling an engine-propelled device is amplified any time you’re actually risking it all to compete. The fastest motorcycles have shown us that the machine’s ability to accelerate is intimidating if you’re not used to such a quick increase in speed. Incredible speed isn’t a problem for the racers that compete in races such as the 2012 Ulster Grand Prix circuit, and motorcycle riding prowess is particularly evident in the skilled road racers who compete as part of the The North West 200.

The North West 200 is a road race held every May in Northern Ireland. It’s a circuit race composed of public roads closed off to the public, at least for the weekend, that run between the towns of Portstewart, Coleraine and Portrush (commonly referred to as “The Triangle”). The race features some of the fastest bikes in the world, and pro driver, Alaistar Seeley, clocked over 200 mph during the 2012 time trials for the event, as reported by the BBC.

The rider with the most wins of all time at the North West 200, William Joseph “Joey” Dunlop, has won the event 15 times (his last in 2000) and was immortalized in a statue at the front of the Motorcycle Museum.

The most breathtaking parts of the North West 200 race have to be seen in action to be believed. You’re talking about road racing at 200 mph, and through the verdurous hills of Northern Ireland and the treacherous chicanes passing private homes. Just watch this video, and tell us this race doesn’t seem certifiably crazy. Either that, or an Adrenalist’s dream.

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