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Girls Showing The Guys How To Race




Although there a number of families who raised their kids in and around racing paddocks, then subsequently saw those kids decide on professional racing careers, few of them have fostered two daughters. For well-known late model driver and ace chassis-builder Kenny Bumbera and his wife Cheri, howwever, that is exactly what happened. And their youngest daughter, Kendall, has already begun to make a name for herself in various regional series ranks, even though she’s still relatively new to the sport.

“I used to be into horses, but once my older sister Kristin got into the sport, I kind of changed my mind. Ultimately, I had a decision to make, and when it was all said and done, I sold all of my horses and focused my interest on racing.”

“Although I’ve only been racing for a couple of years I’ve already taken rookie honors at Texas Motorsports in the Pro Stock division when I was 14, and then we backed that up by winning Rookie Of The Year for the Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) at 16, so even though I’ve been running a partial schedule currently, I feel like I’ve come a long way.”

‘Come a long way,’ indeed, since the youngster notched top-5 finishes in every race she started in 2011, and recently closed out her TSRS season by taking a P3 at Kyle Texas’ Thunderhill Raceway, by  making an impressive outside move in the event’s late laps to take the final podium spot.

“Two years ago I was driving a different chassis and it was good enough to win Rookie of the Year, but this my Dad’s “BAD FAST” chassis is freakin’ awesome.” says Bumbera.  “That was so fun! I did it on the outside and I loved it!”

Kendall’s final performance, along with her previous performances caught the eye of Mike Faulk with  Lee Faulk Racing (LFR). The , who runs a series of successful driver development programs in both NASCAR and ARCA. His interest in the young woman triggered an invitation to test with LFR at the venerable Hickory Raceway in October.

“We had been friends of the Bumbera family for a couple years now. They are great people and are a perfect fit for what we want representing us at LFR” said Faulk.

 The October effort went very well, according to folks who were at the test, with the result being that Kendall was offered a ride with LFR for 2012. As a result, the successful effort immediately triggered the Bumbera family ‘marketing machine’ in the form of Kendall’s Mom Cheri, who began to kick her daughter’s marketing program into high gear.

Since then, its been all marketing, all the time for Kendall and her Mom, as the two of them have been hard at it building new sponsorship interest, and things have begun to show promise, although their 2012 marketing program is still evolving.

“(We are) looking for companies who are ready to give their products ‘the ride of a lifetime’ by becoming marketing partners in conjunction with Kendall’s 2012 racing program.” says Cheri. “If a company requires national advertising exposure, or if they know any affiliate companies who are interested in the kind of national exposure that Kendall’s program offers, we’d love an opportunity to send them a presentation.”

Regardless of continued turbulence in the economy, and traditional difficulties associated with identifying and securing substantive sponsorship funding for young driver racing programs, Kendall Bumbera is clearly going to be worth watching as her career grows in stature. As a result The Adrenalist wishes her good luck, although in our view, it doesn’t look like she’s going to need much to achieve her racing goals.

To contact Kendall Bumbera about her 2012 sponsorship programs please contact Cheri Bumbera at Next Generation Racing, Inc.

All images courtesy Next Generation Racing, Inc.

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