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65-Year-Old Wakeboards On Ladder



Let us count the ways in which this video is amazing. First, 65-year-old LeRoy Wicklund is wakeboarding, which, though not remarkable in and of itself, is pretty impressive when you happen to be holding a ladder while doing it. Second, LeRoy manages to open the ladder despite the fact that it ends up taking up basically the entire wakeboard at its full width — he barely has anywhere to stand.

Third? He manages to keep the ladder balanced on the wakeboard while climbing it to the top rung. Not only is this made difficult because of the small size of the wakeboard and the trickiness of climbing the ladder while keeping hold of the rope that’s attached to the boat, but he’s also traveling probably 40+ miles per hour. The whole thing seems not only incredibly difficult, but more or less impossible. LeRoy’s balance is almost superhuman — watch the ladder waggle back and forth and him constantly correct it. Most of the time, he doesn’t even need two hands. In case you wanted something to start working on after retirement, here it is.

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