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Alejandro Paz Dominates Marcahuasi



Human beings have a complicated relationship with speed. On one hand, we crave it and tend to seek it out as much as we can. We watch videos like these, drive maybe just a little too fast and reflect this in our limited patience. On the other hand, we tend to like speed in controlled settings, like roller-coasters and their ilk.

Downhill biking like this is about as uncontrolled as you can get.

The most striking aspect of this video is how dangerous it seems, but that’s Alejandro Paz for you. We’ve recently featured Alejandro Paz conquering a Peruvian Rock Garden, so it’s no surprise that he’s still blowing our minds with videos like these. The ride is bumpy and aggressive, and it feels like the he can barely hang on as he hurtles through the air. The ride, however, is also exhilarating in the way that extreme speed tends to be. Watching it, you sort of want to seek out your bike and find the nearest steep incline just to experience it yourself.

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