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A New Kind of Trickster



Scott Skelton can trick.

Do you know what that means?

Scott Skelton is one of the best trickers in the world.

How about now? Still nothing. Ok, let us explain.

There’s a sport out there called tricking. It’s a derivative of martial arts, gymnastics, and Capoeira. To the untrained eye, it looks a little like Parkour or free running, but it’s different. Those are done on concrete surfaces and don’t link continuous movements into what looks like a non-stop floor routine fit more for the X Games than the Olympics.

There’s also some kicking and punching involved (that’s where the martial arts component comes in).

Still with us? Great. Because there’s more.

Though tricking isn’t an official, league-sanctioned sport, it’s quickly becoming an underground phenomenon practiced everywhere from backyards to bedrooms. At the forefront of this locomotive past time is Brisbane, Australia-based “tricker”, Scott Skelton (aka Mr. Double ABCDEF…don’t ask, we don’t know).

Skelton, thin and not especially muscular, probably wouldn’t look like much of an athlete if you saw him on the street. His hair’s quite extraordinary but, other than that, he seems to be a regular dude.

Until he gets his trick on, that is.

Credited with a number of firsts from pulling off moves like a double leg double twist to a triple full S/T (we’re not positive about what these are; we just know they’re incredible), Skelton relentlessly challenges our conceptions of what is physically possible. What’s more, he’s a pioneer — one of only a handful of masters in a sport that’s barely peeked its head up over the horizon.

Skelton doesn’t do it for the notoriety or the flash because, at this stage, there’s not much of either to be had. He does it for the love. He does it for the thrill. He does it for the passion.

Next time someone says “Scott Skelton can trick,” you’ll know what they mean.

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