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Riding A New Line With Darren Berrecloth



Professional freerider Darren Berrecloth made three runs down a new zone in the Painted Desert near Cameron, Arizona, one of which almost ended in disaster when Darren had to bail off of his bike, which was sent tumbling down the mountainside.

For a look behind the scenes, check out the photos below.

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  • 1. Setting up

    Setting up
  • 2. Prepping the copter

    Prepping the copter
  • 3. Ready for take-off

    Ready for take-off
  • 4. The crew in action

    The crew in action
  • 5. Final planning

    Final planning
  • 6. Darren checking his ride

    Darren checking his ride
  • 7. Hiking up

    Hiking up
  • 8. Elevation change

    Elevation change
  • 9. Darren finds a line

    Darren finds a line
  • 10. Grabbing some air

    Grabbing some air
  • 11. Focused on the descent

    Focused on the descent
  • 12. This ride isn't done

    This ride isn't done
  • 13. Darren's close-up

    Darren's close-up
  • 14. Epic speed

    Epic speed
  • 15. Zig-zagging the mesa

    Zig-zagging the mesa
  • 16. Darren slices the dust

    Darren slices the dust
  • 17. Owning the jump

    Owning the jump
  • 18. Success

  • 19. Taking it in

    Taking it in
  • 20. Master of the Desert

    Master of the Desert
  • 21. MoM image

    MoM image
  • 22. MoM image

    MoM image
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