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Shredding The Rockies with Travis Rice



Professional snowboarder Travis Rice was given the chance to ride one of the most famous features in the Canadian Rockies… a natural arch known as “The Hole in the Wall”, located 90 nautical miles north of Nelson, BC.

For a look behind the scenes, check out the photos below.

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  • 1. The scenic Canadian Rockies

    The scenic Canadian Rockies
  • 2. Travis and the Degree team

    Travis and the Degree team
  • 3. Shooting begins

    Shooting begins
  • 4. Crew bundled up and ready for action

    Crew bundled up and ready for action
  • 5. Bracing against the wind

    Bracing against the wind
  • 6. Travis' terrain awaits

    Travis' terrain awaits
  • 7. Soaking in the glory

    Soaking in the glory
  • 8. Travis gearing up

    Travis gearing up
  • 9. Ready to shred

    Ready to shred
  • 10. Crew on the slope

    Crew on the slope
  • 11. Ready for take-off

    Ready for take-off
  • 12. Propelling beyond the peaks

    Propelling beyond the peaks
  • 13. Altitude climb

    Altitude climb
  • 14. A moment before descent

    A moment before descent
  • 15. Poised to plunge

    Poised to plunge
  • 16. Master of the slope

    Master of the slope
  • 17. Travis owning the Hole in the Wall

    Travis owning the Hole in the Wall
  • 18. MoM image

    MoM image
  • 19. MoM image

    MoM image
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