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Awesome Winch Wakeboard Highlights With the Hoppe Brothers



The jumping, tumbling and whirling in the Hoppe household started near the end of the millennium. In 1999, the Swedish Hoppe family got a trampoline, and off the five Hoppe brothers went. First it was gymnastics and skateboarding. Then, it was snowboarding. In 2004, however, Benjamin wanted to try wakeboarding. He grabbed his brother, Johannes, and gave it a whirl. From there, three of the Hoppe brothers, including Benjamin, would never be the same.

A year after trying it for the first time, Benjamin Hoppe had won the Men’s Swedish Junior Nationals in wakeboarding. The younger brothers, Mattias and Jeremia, took up the sport soon after. Because of their background in gymnastics and other action sports, the two other brothers caught on to wakeboarding quickly and they’ve been pushing each other ever since.

After their boat died in 2009, however, the three weren’t able to ride a wakeboard regularly for almost two years, being stuck without the means to continue. All the Hoppe brothers, Jeremia, Mattias, Johannes, Benjamin, and Samuel – plus friend, Jonathan Lindberg – started saving their money and created a company and a team named after the Jamaican word for friend, or brother: “Breddas.” They still didn’t have much in the way of financing, but after early sponsors and Swef helped out, they started building the “perfect spot” to wakeboard. The location? Right in their backyard, near the Swedish port city of Uddevalla.

After three years, in March of 2012, they’d largely completed, from scratch, their very own winch wakeboard park, where a boat wasn’t necessary to wakeboard. The WCPE Wake Park was born.

These days, even with a host of sponsors, the WCPE Wake Park is in continual state of renovation as the brothers are never at a loss for schemes to improve what can be done on a wakeboard. Now, it’s not just for them, as its opened it up to the surrounding public. People can visit the park and obviously wakeboard, but they can also play volleyball, skate and, in an homage to their beginnings, there’s a trampoline on the grounds.

Those skills were honed in their backyard winch wakeboard park, and if you’re not impressed, then you’ve probably never slid into a wakeboard.

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