The Adrenalist

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Banff Mountain Film Festival Teaser



The Tribeca Film Festival? Yeah, there’s no denying it’s cool, whether you’re in the movie business or not.

Bummed because you think there’s no similarly cutting-edge event celebrating extreme outdoor adventure films? Well, cheer up… because there is. It’s called the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

There may not be any A-list celebrities or Hollywood film moguls in attendance, but there will be footage of vicious whitewater kayaking. It will be a bit short on artsy films about the struggles of emerging adulthood, but, as is showcased in this intro reel, strong on insane shots of Adrenalists skiing, scuba diving, biking, slacklining and mountain climbing.

You know what the best part is? There are no stunt doubles. No CGI. No stock footage. Everything you see is as real as it gets; man mastering the elements with precision, passion and grit.

If you’ve forgotten about People Doing Amazing Things, it’s time to remember.

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