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Become A Parkour Legend At Apex Movement Gyms



Adrenalists who have only seen Parkour videos might hesitate a bit when asked to participate in the non-mainstream sport. Practicing a sort of gymnastics where the world is your gymnasium is quite perilous, with risks everywhere. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t come with foam pits and mats to cushion a fall. The outside streets where most Parkour tricks take place feature hard concrete, marble, steel and granite – and when serious Parkour tricks fail, the resulting injuries can be gruesome.

How then, can an amateur get into Parkour?

The answer is Parkour gyms, and Apex Movement is responsible for the first set of them running concurrently in the Western Hemisphere. After opening up their first gym in Boulder, they quickly opened two more in Loveland and Denver. Then, sensing the interest growing, they opened a fourth parkour gym in Concord, California. All of them fall under the Apex Movement umbrella, and all of them provide classes for aspiring traceurs.

Apex Movement also has their own pro team, which has performed in competitions and advised on movies, as well as a set of online academy videos with instructions you can use to build your body up at home. If you’re looking for in-person instruction, supervision and a whole lot of safety, however, training at parkour gyms will help you perfect your tricks before taking them to the streets. Adrenalists aren’t just born, they’re made – usually after hours of training. Don’t hesitate to start here.

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