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Best Dude Perfect Videos



The trick shot troupe Dude Perfect has redefined the meaning of the words “trick shot.”

The trick shot was born on basketball courts and football fields long after practices and games. When the intensity of the game dies down, the wheels of creativity begin turning. For Dude Perfect, the wheels are always turning.

Here are Dude Perfect’s best trick shots.

The Boom Stick

For this one, the trick shot masters took over an empty baseball stadium and let their skills do the talking. From the outfield stands, Dude Perfect veteran, Tyler Toney, has set up a basketball on a T-ball platform. In the middle of the outfield, a little over halfway to second base, lies the target: a basketball hoop. Toney takes aim, swings and pulls off a sweet, rounding fly ball that lands square in the hoop. This shot had the ability to impress even the most seasoned of trick shot masters. It’s not difficult to see why.

Bow and Arrow

There’s only one way to use a bow and arrow other than for standard archery, and that’s for trick shot purposes. From the looks of it, Dude Perfect has mastered the art. It’s a swoosh every time, even when Toney shoots a few arrows while sliding down a metal roof or balancing while perched on top of a water tower. Best of all, he’s fashioned a quiver to hold multiple basketball-arrows out of a backpack, just in case the need for multiple shots arises suddenly.

Stunt Driving

The Dude Perfect crew continues to push their unique set of skills to unprecedented heights, speeds and levels of creativity. That’s how it goes down when Dude Perfect is unleashed on an empty airstrip with virtually unlimited amounts of space. The trick shot troupe recruit a few ace stunt drivers to pull off some insane shots. Capitalizing on some uncannily awesome props, such as an air-traffic control tower and some homemade dunk tanks, Dude Perfect makes the most of their surroundings.

10 Million Point Shot

With a little help from an airline, Dude Perfect goes back to their basics: wild basketball shots. The beauty here is the simplicity. There’s not much in the way of elaborate situations, just pure trickery born of uncommon skill. That’s true here with the exception of the crew’s use of a jet to assist in a long-distance shot. While standing below a blasting jet engine, the shooter casually tosses the ball into the stream of air causing it to sail directly into the hoop.

Blooper Reel

The troupe of superhumans responsible for the library of videos depicting unbelievable shots does miss a few from time to time. Their blooper reel shows just how much work goes into making a shot worthy of the Dude Perfect name. Not every swing produces an impossible Grand Slam and not every jumper sinks into a hoop on the horizon. What seperates Dude Perfect from the rest is that they have the energy and creativity needed to make the impossible happen again and again.

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