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Best GoPro Skydiving Videos



If you’ve never jumped out of a plane before, these skydiving videos just might change your mind.

Maybe you’ve planned a skydiving trip and can’t wait to get up in the air. Maybe you’d like to go someday but don’t have the time right now. Or maybe, your friends are all telling you how great it is, but you see no appeal in jumping head first out of a plane. If you find yourself anywhere on this spectrum, one thing is universally true: you don’t have first-hand skydive experience. That’s where these tremendous skydiving videos come in. There are many headache-inducing GoPro videos floating around the Internet, produced by Adrenalists who’ve neglected to capture their experience in a way that’s compelling for others to watch. Apparently each of the extreme first-person filmmakers profiled here read our How To Film The Best GoPro Video guide on how to make successful GoPro projects. If they didn’t, they must’ve already been familiar with everything we advised.

Here are 5 of the most stunning GoPro skydiving videos we’ve come across. If you’ve never been up before, these excerpts will show you just what you’re missing.

Most Picturesque Skydiving Video

Skydiving’s meant to get your blood pumping for sure, but it’s also an opportunity to see the world from an entirely different vantage point. We picked this compilation of three friends’ Hawaiian descents as much for their dedication to the extreme sport as for the oasis-like landscape below. Though part of being an Adrenalist is continually pushing our limits, appreciating the natural world is another crucial component of our identity and one we should be careful not to lose sight of, especially when it looks as good as this.

Most Creative Skydiving Video

The TEVA Mountain Games is one of the world’s most inclusive extreme sporting events. While pros from the tops of their fields come to compete in myriad endeavors from climbing to kayaking to surfing to biking, the festival’s mission is to include as many aspiring Adrenalists as possible that have a desire to spectate and/or compete. Communal ideals aside, we’d bet that very few Games participants, whether pro or amateur, make an entrance like the one pro skydiver Marshall Miller chose. Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like falling out of the sky.

Most Inspiring Skydiving Video

Just when we thought the record for largest group skydive in history couldn’t get any more impressive, we came across this video. Reading about an effort in which 138 people race through the skies at 220 mph to form a picture-perfect formation is mind-boggling enough, but actually seeing it happen? There’s nothing that compares. Don’t take our word for it. Watch and be awed by one of the most compelling and inspiring feats ever captured on GoPro technology. If this doesn’t make you want to fly up and jump, nothing will.

Most High-Octane Skydiving Video

There are skydivers who enjoy the momentary thrill of sailing through the air but can’t wait to pull their shoot and be back on solid ground and then there are skydivers who wish they could live in the cloudy blue skies, suspended in the space between jump hatch and land site forever. This group of Adrenalists is clearly of the latter persuasion and it’s something special to watch them in their element. Though this skillful set has a technique that’s peaceful and measured, their courageous infatuation with claiming the skies as a playground from which they have no apparent desire to leave is truly a sight that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Most Daring Skydiving Video

The preceding skydiving video was billed as the most high-octane for its prolonged awe-inspiring footage but, in terms of raw daring, Felix Baumgartner’s historic 24-mile-high jump made from the edge of space takes the cake for unfettered craziness (and we mean that in the best possible way). In free fall for over 4 minutes and achieving a top speed of 833.9 mph, Baumgartner’s opus five years in the making has taken the art of skydiving to impressive new heights, literally and figuratively speaking. With this accomplishment, he’s revolutionized the sport and may very well be the man to usher it into a new era. Let’s not forget that besides being visually stunning, this jump also set two world records–one for highest freefall and one for highest manned balloon flight.

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