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Best High School Sports Moments



High school is a funny time in life. With raging hormones, uncertain futures and awkward romances, how is one supposed to do anything but worry? Through the existential muck and mire of it all, many teens channel their nervous adolescent energy into exhibitions impressive beyond their venues.

Here, the best of the best up-and-coming youngsters show us that extreme feats can be accomplished by anyone, in any town, under any circumstances. The pros are fun to watch, but highlights are highlights, even if the people being featured are waiting for their facial hair to grow in all the way.

Home Run Hits Stadium Lights

Level with me here, how many of you have fantasized about cracking a game-winning homer out of the park, as all your pals watch from the stands and cheer you on? Does the ball you hit pop up so high it hits one of the stadium lights? Is that how your best-case scenario plays out? Well, it is for us. Boy, that would be cool. People screaming our names, offering us hefty endorsement contracts, fitting our heads for MLB-issued Yankees hats.  Oh well, it’s nice to dream. The thing about it is: that’s not a dream for Landon Eason. For him, it’s a reality. In Easton’s world, there’s nothing imaginary about that scenario. Only the knowledge that he’s achieved something sure to become a post-game party conversation topic and, more, a part of his school’s baseball team lure for years to come.

Pick 6 in Cedar Park, Texas

On October 14, 2011, in Cedar Park, Texas, one high school football player performed the unthinkable. The reason we included this clip from the Cedar Rapids vs Marble Falls High School game isn’t because of just one cool moment. No, it’s not really that at all. Anyone can showcase one instance of talent, if given enough chances, right? And, because we’ve never really seen Zachary Espinoza play before, we needed some assurance that his greatness wasn’t attributed to just that single instance. We needed another element, a cherry on top, if you will. Well, we got it. To the layman viewer, this highlight appears to end after the ball is picked off. To the seasoned adrenalist viewer, that’s just the meat and potatoes of it. The gravy, ladies and gents, is the pick 6 end product. Makes us hope we never come up against Zachary on the field.

NBA-Quality Finishes

Here’s another moment with some layers to it. As people who played basketball in high school, we know how difficult it can be to pull off the moves our favorite NBA players do in the playoffs. No matter how much we practice, what kind of shoes we buy or how many calf-raises we did on our parents’ basement steps. Backwards dunks and half-court shots? Nah, that stuff is reserved for the pros, right? After digging up this video, it’s become apparent that the boys in the North Haven Vs Farmington, Connecticut, Class L State Basketball Tourney got some of the NBA-genes that skipped us over. To be fair, we’ve got some sweet fingertip muscles. Awesome for typing…which is, you know, almost as cool as slam-dunking.

Scissor Kick Goal

Hockey, baseball, soccer, these are great sports and we love them. When plays are made, they’re huge, intense, memorable, and unparalleled in excitement and intensity. One minute, you’ll be buying a snack from a vendor and, the next, you’ll be throwing that snack in the air because of what just happened on the field. Most of these instances catch you off guard because you’ve been staring at a 0-0 scoreboard for a while, waiting and anticipating that first, big, adrenaline-pumping play. Plays like this one, from a Maple Grove, Minneapolis soccer match, remind us why we keep anticipating, and why we keep practicing our scissor kicks.

Michael Keasey’s the Real Deal

In 2011, Michael Keasey’s Corona Del Mar High School lax coach, G.W. Mix, told, “Michael is one of the hardest working student-athletes I have had the pleasure of coaching. His consistent production on the field and in the classroom speaks to his work ethic and his desire to be the best.” Lots of coaches give inspirational soundbites about kids for lots of online publications, and the kids are pretty talented, but just how much of what Mix said is true? We found that Michael Keasey lives up to the hype. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this goal. Then take a look at Yale Lacrosse’s roster come Spring 2013. You better believe they scooped up Michael Keasey. Looks like Coach Mix knew what he was talking about.

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