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Best Soccer Trick Shots



In soccer, some of the most creative shots are performed off the pitch.

The fancy footwork and amazing skill necessary to excel at soccer shine in games, but almost come to life outside of game competition. It takes both mental and physical skill to know when, where and how to kick a ball to make the best soccer tricks work. Better yet, like the sport itself, it needs to all be done with one’s feet. Pulling off an insane soccer trick is all the more impressive when you’re using nothing but your legs to make it happen.

Here are the 5 best soccer trick shots videos.

Neighborhood Tricks

Utilizing the surroundings and environment is crucial to pull off a great soccer trick shot. That’s why these soccer players can migrate around their home, capitalizing on the features of each location. The players start off by kicking the ball off of the roof. From there, shots include kicking the ball into a basketball hoop and some impressive, curving, long shots. The best part, however, is the target practice. These players’ astounding accuracy allows them to clip milk cartons from a few feet away. Considering the distance and the small size of the target, this is not an easy feat.

Precision in Numbers

These players are experts at playing off each other. If you have more than one person involved in your trick shots, you can assist one another. If you can assist one another, more advanced soccer tricks are possible. Their juggling between each other before eventually putting the ball in a basketball hoop requires not only expert coordination and skill, but also a tremendous sense of what their teammates are doing. Best of all, these trick shots aren’t just all about kicking the ball. Soccer wouldn’t be the same without some quality headers.

Basketball Vs Soccer

The soccer trick shots here are high-quality, including some that involve fancy footwork. One of the most impressive trick is the rainbow, where the player grips the ball with his feet and manages to arc it over his own head from behind himself. One particularly impressive shot involves one of the participants kicking the ball down a track at another person. The distance in itself is impressive, but the real trick here is how the player’s teammate manages to catch the ball between his legs in one, fluid motion.

Get the Ball in the Hole

Soccer trick shots aren’t just feats of chance or luck – they’re dependent on physics. If a player understand how the physics of the game works, then he will be able to plan out the best trick shots on the fly. The shots here involve very impressive calibrations of how hard to hit the ball and where to place it to cause the ball to bounce from one place to another. The player here manages to hit a moving tire, but proceeds to take on skateboard ramps, brick walls, spinning shopping carts and more. It’s a fusion of mental and physical skill, and it thrives on creativity.

Tricks On and Off the Pitch

The reality of any trick shot video is that half of the battle is choosing the right props. This video has a strong use of props, and begins with two orange cones before moving on to slanted rooftops, moving cars and, of course, other players. There’s some more target practice here, too. One of the players sits down with a water bottle on his head and another players manages to kick it off without so much as a glance at him.

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