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Billabong XXL Big Wave Wipeouts



The Billabong XXL Big Wave awards, which took place May 4, celebrate the most daunting surf exploits of the previous 365 days. Those exploits, including the Monster Tube of the year, the Biggest Wave of the year and Ride of the Year, can be seen in the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards 2012 nominees. Each category results in one, epic winner. The category that is likely the most jarring to an armchair observer, however, is Wipeout of the Year.

The above crashes nominated for the win prove that ferocious water does not make for a very soft landing… especially when there’s a jagged reef below the surface. After all, it’s the reef that provides the swell with a few of these waves, including the winning milieu Jaws, aka Peahi in Maui, which tossed Garrett McNamara head over board and body underwater. Somehow, miraculously, none of these surfers were seriously injured during the misadventures filmed above.

Still, we don’t recommend you try to recreate these wipeouts, even if you can find a massive enough wave.

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