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Bodyboarding As Art



Remember bodyboards? Or maybe “boogie boards,” for crafts of the Styrofoam, cartoon-character-emblazoned variety?

Remember going to the beach with your family, bringing the board out 10 feet from shore and pretending to know what they hell you were doing? It was like you were a surfer… or something… sort of? Right? You begged any adult to watch you conquer the pathetic little marine hiccups you called waves. In your head, however, you were a warrior of the ocean, commanding the very waves to do your bidding as you sloshed around aimlessly performing nothing even close to what anyone would call a trick.

You never thought there’d be a future in bodyboarding and, for you, there wouldn’t be. For Pride Bodyboards’ international team battling through the swells of Western Australia, however, this sport is everything.

Which makes sense because,  as you can see, they’re quite good.

Taking bodyboarding to a new level, the Pride Bodyboards’ international team takes the tricks you thought you were doing in your head all those years ago and actually, well, does them. Exceptionally well, might we add.

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