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Bodysurfing Movie Adapted: Plight of the Torpedo People



Bodysurfing is still in its infancy as a sport, at least in terms of general public awareness, despite the ease of getting started in bodysurfing. With no pricey gear to buy and the opportunity for the purest form of riding a wave, you would think more people would be picking the sport up. Former surfer, Keith Malloy, directed his inaugural film in 2011: the award winning documentary Come Hell or High Water, with an assist from Woodshed films. The feature length documentary brought more awareness to the practitioners of a pastime with no future and no monetary gain, but with advocates galore.

The film tells the story of the overlooked discipline of bodysurfing. It tracks the characters, trailblazers and innovators that love to immerse themselves in a wave and experience the undulations of the Ocean without the buffer of a board. There’s a certain unadulterated virtue to the activity, especially when you consider it’s dearth of commercial applications. It’s the first and only feature length film about bodysurfing. Now, the remarkable shots Malloy captured for the film have been incorporated into the book “The Plight of the Torpedo People.” All the frame grabs, stills, interviews and personal essays from the films stars and filmmakers have been put into a 100 page book, with some of the most gorgeous pictures you can imagine featuring the best surfing cinematographers and photographers in the world.

Bodysurfers and those who capture their spirit are all Adrenalists.

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