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Charlie Bontis: 8-Year-Old Soccer Prodigy



The world has always been fixated on amazing kid athletes. And why wouldn’t we be? We value success and talent, and these prodigies embody both, except they are dominating the sport of their choosing at an age where many still consider eating cereal in front of the TV to be their main occupation.

Here, we have Charlie Bontis: a soccer prodigy from Canada who, at 8 years old, exhibits the skill set of a seasoned professional. Though he doesn’t execute his moves quite as fast as someone with a decade plus more experience, he can still turn on a dime, cross the ball into the goal box, finish with single touches, use his head effectively, weave between three or four defenders, create separation on breakaways and long-balls and even score on one of the sport’s most difficult maneuvers, a bicycle kick. If this guy keeps developing at the rate he seems to be, expect a World Cup appearance from Canada in 2022.

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