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Chris Grahame’s 186-Mile Skateboard Ride



For 20 year-old Christopher Grahame, the skateboard is not just a means for fun. It’s not just use for nailing the toughest skateboarding tricks or even exploring skateboarding as art, but also for change. That was the impetus behind his recent journey, which took him over 186-miles down the eastern edge of New South Wales, Australia in October, as reported by Manly Daily. He was raising money for the charity Youth Off the Streets, which had successfully saved one of his friends from an ever-shortening life of addiction.

The journey started at Bluey’s Beach in Forster, New South Wales and ended at Manly Beach near Sydney. Grahame said he rode from just after 9 am to 4 pm. Just a 20 year-old kid on a regular skateboard for 7 hours a day over the course of a week.

On one particular day, when the rain was coming down particularly hard, riding became impossible. Grahame hopped off his board and ran. He covered over 24 miles that day, holding his board and running through the rain. Trucks were the most unpleasant aspect. They were difficult to navigate around, and at one point he jumped into some bushes to avoid getting hit.

When Chris finally rode into Manly Beach to join his waiting friends and family, he just wanted a beer and some sleep. His adventure raised over $1900 for Youth Off the Streets, and definitely earned Christopher a well-deserved rest.

Adrenalists always sleep soundly.

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