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Crankworx Whistler 2012 Teaser



Mountain biking is an extreme sport that deserves to be celebrated, its practitioners honored and the spectacle of it all remembered. That’s exactly why, when the next Crankworx rolls into Whistler, British Columbia, the town will undergo a metamorphosis of the extreme sport’s kind. On the Crankworx website, there is a trifecta of taglines emblazoned across the page that embodies the meaning of the week-long celebration. They read: “Defy Physics,” “Adore gravity,” and “Crown legends,” and that is exactly what will be happening on August 10th – August 19th.

Shaping dirt, rock and earth to suit their needs, the riders of Crankworx Whistler are making sure this year’s is one worthy of the title. Sit back, enjoy the teaser and pay due respects to the Adrenalists who are showcasing their passions in ways we can gush over. While they’re defying physics, adoring gravity and crowning legends, we’ll be making sure we are seeing every second of the action.

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