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Crazy BMX Dirt Jumps Session



Whether it’s due to the indigenous history of the area or the New South Wales Penal Colony set up by the arriving British in the 18th century, Australia and bordering New Zealand seem to have a special allure for action sports. So it should come as little surprise that the gentleman in this BMX dirt jumps video all come from that special area of the world between the Indian Ocean and South Pacific.

Jaie Toohey is a 20-year-old BMX Nitro Circus Live member originally from Lake Munmorah, NSW, Australia, who now resides in Los Angeles. He was the first biker to land a triple tail whip backflip and he finished first in the Red Bull Dirt Pipe 2010 and the 2011 Lord’s of Dirt.

Jed Mildon is also a Nitro Circus Live member, but from Taupo, New Zealand. He first gained fame by landing the world’s very first triple backflip, plus the chinga and warrior flips. The former is what pushed him into the big time after he landed the fabled triple backflip in May of 2011 at the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in his hometown. Mildon was also the first to stick a double backflip tailwhip at this years X-Games events in Barcelona, Spain.

With Jaie and Jed in tow, it took native Australian and part-time Nevadan (he sometimes resides in Las Vegas), Cameron White, to set up the BMX dirt jumps for the video above. While White has been riding professionally since 2003 and biking since the age of 4, he’s been banged up recently and hasn’t been able to compete.

The 2008 and 2009 X-Games winner in BMX riding, Cam invited Jaie and Jed to join him in his backyard course in Canberra, Australia so he could let loose with some of BMX’s best for the first time in a while.

The results are about as explosive as you’d expect when you’ve got three top-of-the-line riders reaching epic airs off the muddy jumps Cam designed and built: Supermans, double backflips, a triple backflip, 540′s, more tailwhips than you can count, Can Can’s, Triple Barspins and a host of others — all while Cam dog sprints alongside the mounds of dirt.

It’s no big deal though, just three of the best—if not the best—BMX riders in the world, on the biggest consecutive BMX dirt jumps possibly ever. If you’re not into BMX big airs yet, what you’re about to experience will make you a believer. We promise.

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