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Danny MacAskill Is A Master Of Cycling



It would be pretty embarrassing to have the word “skill” in your name if you didn’t have any. Lucky for him (and us), Scottish trials cyclist Danny MacAskill has easily averted that crisis as seen around 3:14-3:44 of this compilation.

If you’re a loyal Adrenalist reader, you remember our piece Riding Relics and know we’re pretty huge MacAskill fans. Which begs the question: why him? There are a lot of great trials pros out there who can do everything MacAskill (known as “Megaskill”to fans) can. To the layman, all his manuevers look to be one-of-a-kind, inimitable, but we watch a lot of trials vids, and, trust us, there are others who can throw down. So, no, it’s not just about his riding chops. We love ol’ Dan for his story and his vision.

If, in 2009, you were to ask a Dunvegan, Scotland local “Who is Danny MacAskill?”, “a mechanic who rides bikes” is what you would’ve been told. If you asked that same question in 2012, the answer would be entirely different. In three short years MacAskill has gone from hobbyist to industry bigwig, sponsored by Inspired Bicycles (who recently released a signature MacAskill frame) and nominated for National Geographic’s 2012 Adventurer of the Year Award for his work in redefining urban landscapes.

MacAskill’s the quintessential dream follower and has differentiated himself because of his wholistic view of sport. There’s a humility to him, an appreciation of his gift and a palpable sense of homage paid to the locales and structures that have breathed life into his career aspirations. Danny’s tricks make him fun to watch, but his approach to riding makes us want to see him succeed.

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