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Fireboarding: The art of skateboarding on fire



Landing enough skateboard tricks might justify using the phrase “on fire,” but the Jonathan and Jason Bastian take the term a little more literally.

With the help of a little lighter fluid, the skaters ignite the funboxes and quarterpipes of the Watonga skatepark in Houston. With their boards engulfed in flames, the amount of control and precision required to land each and every trick is amplified tenfold.

“BURN” isn’t the first video to feature skaters partaking in fire skateboarding, but few have executed on the concept as well as BeyondSlowMotion, the team behind the epic slow motion film. Thanks to the NAC HX-1 camera, every frame of every second is captured is clear, crisp HD quality. As the Bastion brothers dominate the skatepark, BeyondSlowMotion is there to capture every second of it on camera.

For more slow motion fireboard footage, check out “Fireboards: Skateboarding on Fire” – BeyondSlowMotion’s second fire skateboarding video.

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