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Football Trick Shots



We’re getting close to fall, which means a few things: shorter days, falling leaves, colder temperatures and nervous turkeys. Above all else, however, fall means the return of football season, including college, professional, and two-hand-touch games in the backyard. A proper game isn’t the only appropriate use for a football, though, and here we have some examples of people getting creative with the pigskin.

A Multitude of Tricks

When people think of trick shots, they usually think of basketball. “HORSE” has long been a way for kids to, from a very early age, think of bizarre and unusual ways to put a ball through a basketball hoop. As this quarterback shows, however, well-planned football trick shots can be just as, if not more, impressive. He manages to not only throw the ball into barrels from a very, very far distance, but also open doors with a football throw and knock glasses off of tackling dummies’ heads from 40 yards away. Other than showing off his incredible accuracy, few of these have any practical application in an actual football game, except for maybe the times when he hits the receiver while blindfolded. That could be useful.

Better Than Johnny Mac

Not to be outdone, another quarterback took on the mantle of making the craziest trick shots, and his are also pretty impressive. He starts by decorating a field goal upright from 50 yards, a feat many quarterbacks can’t accomplish, much less with any degree of accuracy. Then, he does the same thing from one knee. Accuracy is obviously what seems to be the most important part of these types of tricks, but a huge amount of power is also necessary. The very specific demands on the quarterback’s aim require a surplus of power to make the ball go the same distance.

Football Cam

Here’s a creative use for a football: put a camera on it. In this video, GoPro cameras are mounted on a football as well as a pro-football wide receiver and quarterback, to give you an idea of what it actually looks like to play football at this high of a level. One of the most remarkable things about the video is seeing how fast the ball comes flying at the receiver. Some quarterbacks are famous for breaking the fingers of their receivers because they throw so hard, and watching this, it’s easy to believe it. It’s also wild to see how the receivers make their cuts and breaks on their routes. How a receiver runs his routes is a hugely underrated indicator of his skill and usefulness, and the precision and care that goes into running a successful pattern is remarkable.

Pro Tricks

Last but not least, we have a bunch of pros. Obviously, the pros are uniquely suited to pulling off these ridiculous achievements, because they’re the freakish athletes and most skilled. They don’t disappoint: one receiver punches through a wall to catch a ball, and a quarterback manages to throw two balls into the air and have them bounce off each other and land in two different receivers’ hands. Between that and someone catching a ball in each hand while turned away from the thrower, this video is the definition of football trick shot video. Fake or not, these are still creative tricks nonetheless.

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