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Eric Scott Flies over Michigan Stadium and Beats Up Chuck Norris



College football fans were treated to a rare flyover this past weekend as rocketman Eric Scott delivered the game ball during the Purdue vs. Michigan game at Michigan Stadium — the largest stadium in the United States. Strapped into a hydrogen peroxide-fueled rocket pack, Scott took off from just outside the stadium walls, Superman jumped the 80-foot-tall luxury boxes, and landed at midfield, where he unstrapped the ball from his chest and handed it off to game officials. The next day, the Michigan student paper published a feature on Scott in which the former military man describes how he became one of the few humans on earth capable of flying a jetpack: he beat up Chuck Norris. No. Really. It was on the set of Walker Texas Ranger, where he was working as a stuntman — “I got to beat (Norris) up once. But that was out of like 60 episodes I was in, in eight years,” Scott says in the feature — that Scott met Norris’ stunt double Kinnie Gibson, who ran a business called “Rocketman” on the side. Gibson needed a backup pilot for his deceptively difficult and dangerous machines, saw potential in Scott and the rest is Guinness history — Scott has since broken several rocket pack records, including the speed record (80 mph) and height record (152 feet). Today, Scott blasts off 15 to 30 times every year, and thankfully, lands soft on his feet just as often.

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