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Forgotten Dirt: Mountain Biking in Afghanistan



Finding an untouched trail is the definition of adventure, and for a group of mountain bikers, that trail was found deep in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a mountain biking playground, littered with dozens of never-before-ridden trails and hidden paths, but getting there is the real adventure.

Matt Hunter brought his mountain bike out with the Anthill Films team to the Wakhan Corridor, a rugged slip of land connecting Afghanistan to China, to tear it up on a trail undisturbed by civilization. The stretch of land between Tajikistan in the north and Pakistan in the south was the holy grail, but Hunter and his crew were taken by surprise when the adventure wasn’t as smooth as they thought it would be.

Hunter’s team does get to ride the secluded trails eventually, but a series of unexpected difficulties delays the search. Border agents stop Hunter just before he enters the country, their pack animals collapse in knee-deep snow and the crew is forced to turn around and find a new path.

When they get there, the added hardships make taking on the trails that much more sweeter. Check out additional Action Cam videos on the Sony Action Cam YouTube page.

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