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Freebording With Freebord Pro Team



Think you can shred like this on a traditional skateboard? You can’t. Well, you can try, but you’ll fail and end up with asphalt pebbles ingrained in your knees.

Freebords employ four fixed outer wheels, comprising the board’s “edges” and two free central wheels that almost always make contact with pavement. These central wheels act as a freebord’s “deck,” and they offer a rider much more maneuverability and freedom while riding. Mainly because they allow a rider to fly sideways down a hill if they choose to. Rather than having the rider always point a nose of the board forward, like a traditional skateboard, freeborders can spin, turn and ride down a hill in any way and any direction they choose, or end up.

We’ve already dubbed this new sport the art of the slide, but, this time, the guys take on the Bay Area in a promotional video that’s sure to create a couple of new fans. If you’re looking to get into freebording, you’re in luck. You can pick up a new board for just about $200 at Freebord Store.

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