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High Schooler breaks basketball three-point record with 135 shots



A high schooler from West Chicago set his sights on the three-pointer world record, and shattered it with an extraordinary 135 shots in under five minutes.

Josh Ruggles is a 6’1″ 2015 guard from Wheaton Academy in Chicago, IL. After watching a video of Michigan’s Nik Stauskas hitting 102 three-pointers in the rain, Ruggles got the idea to record his own skills. He figured he could hit an even better three-point record, and he did. In July, Ruggles hit 111 three-pointers, a men’s record which he held for just two days before it was broken by St. John’s player, Max Hooper, who hit 121 shots.

Then, WNBA player Laurie Koehn hit 132 three-point shots, snatching the crown from both Stauskas and Ruggles in May. It was her record that Ruggles broke in August, making him world champion once again. He hit 135 of 147 attempts - 92 percent of his shots.

We’ll see how long Ruggles can hold the title. Maybe the 6’7″ 7th grader destined for basketball greatness will be the next one to take on the record.

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