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High Schooler Kicks 67-Yard Field Goal



The game is on the line. The crowd is roaring. Thousands of eyes are watching from the stands and millions are watching on TV. Do you think you have what it takes to step out of your everyday life and kick a field goal through the uprights? How about an extra point?

Put your money on Austin Rehkow, the 17-year-old placekicker for Central Valley High School in Washington.

On October 18, Rehkow kicked a monstrous 67-yard field goal with two seconds to go, carrying his team on his back into overtime, where they pulled out the victory vs. Spokane Shadle Park.

The kick made history, beating out by four yards the 63-yard NFL record set by Sebastian Janikowski, Jason Elam, David Akers and Tom Dempsey.

Only two American football players have ever kicked a farther field goal in competition: Dirk Borgognone of Reno, Nevada, who in 1985 kicked a 68-yard field goal in high school competition, and Ove Johansson, who in 1976 kicked a 69-yard field goal for Abilene Christian University.

Both kickers went on to play in the NFL. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Rehkow land there as well.

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