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HolyStoked Collective Builds First Free Skatepark In India



Twenty-four skaters came together to give the people of Bangalore, India the one thing it was missing: a free skatepark.

Everybody has a right to enjoy earth’s most simple pleasures, even the people of Bangalore, known as the “Silicon Valley of India.” While the city experienced explosive economic growth over the past decade, with slums transformed into tech parks, city planners seem to have forgotten to give skaters their own sanctuary. These evangelists and skatepark builders are working to change that. Earlier this year the HolyStoked Collective, a team of 24 skaters from across the globe, gathered in Bangalore to build a 21st century skatepark that’s free and open for all to use. The videos above and below feature the first two episodes the skatepark builders created in a three-part series documenting the construction and epic destruction of the park.

The skatepark building effort was completed with support from Levi’s and Bangalore’s HolyStoked crew – a collective of local skaters who were sick and tired of riding the old city skate park, which was built in the 80s. Now, there are 2 skate parks in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. One of them is world class and free to use.

“This park is amazing and features a small cradle, various sizes of quarters, a funbox with two variations of banked and curved ledges, steep and mellow banks and a volcano with a palm tree growing out of it, plus a few hidden gems of gnarlitude,” writes Jonathan Mehring, a journalist who witnessed the park’s construction.

Check out the HolyStoked Collective on Facebook to take into the fascinating world of skateboarding in India and learn more about the park. Keep an eye out for Episode 3 of the skatepark builders’ adventures in India.

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