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How Ridiculous trick shot group sinks 98 meter basketball shot



No one has ever made a basketball shot from 98 m high, but trick shot group, How Ridiculous, didn’t see the world record basketball shot as an impossible task. Here’s how they hit the shot.

Australian trick shot group, How Ridiculous, were 98 meters up, or 321.5 feet, when crew member, Kyle Nebel, threw a basketball through the air and sunk a basket set up below. It only took the crew 62 tries to make the basketball world record books. The shot, taken from the observation deck of the Euromast Tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands, beat the previous record of 67.89 meters, which was also set by who else but the guys of the How Ridiculous group.

The length that Nebel hit is more than three times that of a regulation basketball court. Now, it’s only a matter of time before How Ridiculous sets out to break their own world record for a second time.

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