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Human Hockey Pucks



As you probably know, hockey pucks are little vulcanized pieces of rubber that slide very ably around the ice. They are not usually humans. However, a few hockey players decided that they could be humans and proceeded to play around pretending to be the pucks themselves. The result was a weird hybrid of hockey, luge, and horizontal bungee jumping. The players use a bungee attached to the side of the rink to propel themselves into a makeshift inflatable goal.

While the game doesn’t really bear any resemblance to actual hockey, it still looks like a huge amount of fun, particularly if you’ve ever wondered what it;s like to be a penguin sliding around on the ice. At one point, the players get what looks like some sort of all-terrain four-wheel vehicle in on the action, using it to help build up momentum before a “shot”, and that’s when the human hockey pucks reach peak potential.

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