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Isle of Wight Cycling Festival In Britain



Britain’s sleepy and sedate Isle of Wight wakes up in a big way when it hosts its autumn Cycling Festival, which will run this year from September 22 to 30.

Some 5,000 cyclists typically roll up for the festival. The challenges they face include the Cycle the Wight, which involves cycling a  15, 50 or 70 mile route in aid of the British Heart Foundation and the hardcore Hills Killer Mountain Bike challenge, which is all about navigating a series of checkpoints over 3 hills, 7 hills or 14 hills.

On the first day of the festival there will be a Carbon Cycle Celebration to sing the praises of the bike, which is an incredibly efficient machine with many environmental advantages. Participants can take a crack at a challenging obstacle course,  learn new cycling skills or join in with the free guided ride from the event. There will even be a “cycle bell symphony.”

If you can’t attend the event and are simply interested in cycling around the demure island on your own (like the guy in the video above), the trip will take you anywhere from 3-10 hours, depending on your endurance and speed.

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