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Jay Cramer: 8-Year-Old Motocross Master



Is four years old too young to dive into motocross? How about two and half? For some, perhaps, but not for young superstar, Jay Cramer.

The American Motorcycle Association estimates at least 10,000 kids under 18 compete in youth motocross competitions each year. Now, eight years old and with a couple of major sponsors, Cramer is already establishing himself as a leader in that vast pack.

What do his parents think about his participating in a sport so dangerous? Let’s be real: motocross tips the injury scale a lot more than skateboarding does (no disrespect to Cramer’s fellow young gun and boarder, Evan Doherty, a skateboarding prodigy).

Jason Cramer, Jay’s dad, shares his thoughts.

“We talked about it. It’s what he loves. We take every precaution we can to keep him safe,” Jason told ABC News. “He could have broken his arm playing football too. It’s just a risk that you take when you’re involved in what could be a contact sport.”

He added that Jay wears a protective neck brace and Kevlar vest for added protection when he rides.

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