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KC Deane Skis Epic Powder in Japan



If you didn’t want to go skiing before watching this clip above, you probably do now. Pro skier and Instagram fanatic KC Deane looks to be stomping through some of the fluffiest, most epic powder we’ve ever seen while shooting near Nagano, Japan.

While the degree of difficulty of the actual skiing is relatively low and probably won’t make it into the next Voleurz Crew production, this video is special. It features near-perfect conditions and near-perfect form, capturing what skiing is all about: fun. If you think Deane’s repertoire is limited to blissful joyrides, however, check out his considerably more massive segment during the Voleurz 2011 film “That’s Fine.” KC Deane goes big, sometimes too big; last May he broke his back launching off a kicker in the Tahoe backcountry.

Deane is one of the lucky ones. Unlike many who suffer from the same injury, KC Deane is skiing again. And he’s clearly skiing some of the best snow on Earth.

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