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Kevin Harper’s Field Goal Trick Shots



In this age of rampant self-published Internet video content, it’s easier than ever to get yourself noticed. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not. In Pittsburgh University kicker Kevin Harper’s case, the digitization of real life accomplishment might mean some serious dollars and cents come 2013.

In preparation for the last season of his college career and a 2013 NFL draft he hopes will take him from the Big East to the big time, Harper choreographed and produced his own trick video where he kicks some of the most impressive (and inventive) field goals we’ve ever seen: Tire Swing, Three Amigos, Caddyshack…to name just a few. Granted, no serious football outing would ever require a blindfolded player to boot a ball 50 yards, but were the rules to change unexpectedly, it looks like Harper would be more than prepared. Either way, the dude’s got chops. Our favorite might just be the Barefoot Hillbilly at 1:13. What’s yours?

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