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Sign Up Online for the King of the Groms 2013 Surf Competition



All young surfers know the King of the Groms surf competition. It’s the world’s largest and most heralded surf event for people 16 and under, and it has decided young surfers’ fates for more than 20 years. This year the event has opened up registrations to anyone, and has expanded the ways people can enter, as it continues to broaden its contestant pool.

New for 2013, the competition is entirely digital: voters will decide who will advance in the annual surf competition via online videos; in the Continental Qualifiers round, 20 hopeful surfers will be chosen from their posted videos and will be granted a spot to compete in the Godfather Round for the second and final regional selections.

The power is in the viewers’ hands. Whether you’re an undiscovered surfer with raw talent or a wunderkind raised in the surf of Southern California, you’re on equal footing, with equal chance on making it big.

If you’re an aspiring surfer and looking to enter, head over to QuickSilverLive to upload your video and enter the competition. Video submissions are accepted from Feb. 15 to June 30 and videos must be submitted from surfers aged 16 and under.

Voting opens on July 1 and participants will be able to hit Facebook and Twitter to attract and win votes from the viewing public. Once voting closes in early August, the top 20 surfers will win the chance to compete and move onto the Godfather round, where professional surfers, surf journalists, photographers, and surfing judges will vote on the finalists in each region. Once the 15 surfers have been selected, Quicksilver ambassadors Jack Robinson (Aus), Kanoa Igarashi (USA) and Leonardo Fioravanti (Ita) will each pick a wildcard to compete in the international final.

So make sure to upload your best and gnarliest rides that showcase your best tricks and smoothest technique. The competition is now open to anyone, and if you’ve got the skills, the public will reward you. Adrenalists should upload videos now!

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