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“Lines of Lofoten” pairs art of BMX with beauty of Norway



The art of BMX should be surrounded by a landscape as jaw-dropping as the skill involved in perfecting the sport, and Lofoten’s beauty is unrivaled.

The Lofoten, Norway, archipelago runs between the 68 and 69 parallels at the top of Norway above the Arctic Circle. Despite its location, temperatures soar in the summer and the 24-hour days in between the months of May and June are some of the driest areas on earth despite being surrounded by water. That lack of night is why they hold the Lofoten Insomnia Race every year in mid-summer during the 24 hours of sunlight along the entirety of the Lofoten archipelago.

It’s also why the Lines of Lofoten project manager, Vegeir Selboe, decided to build a dirt line and a big bike line in the breathtakingly beautiful Lofoten. Selboe also helped produce the Lines of Lofoten web series, directed by Niels Windfeldt. The series of five mini-movies, which you can now on Antimedia’s Vimeo page, track the progress of their construction. The goal of the project was to construct ramps and jumps on a BMX line that combines the splendor of Lofoten’s pastoral beauty with world-class BMX riding from Adrian Tell, Kristoffer Haugland, Didrik Dege Dimmen, Niclas Andersen, and Nico Vink. With only three weeks to complete the upper and lower lines and with the fast-shifting weather in the area causing havoc on the construction, however, Windfeldt only had a few days to film once the lines had been completed.

The project was worth the headaches.

=With the riders ripping no hand backflips, can-cans, Supermans and many more big air tricks while heading down towards the sand and sea (the BMX line actually ends at the ocean after the series of jumps), you can’t help but gasp at what was accomplished. Just like the crazy BMX dirt jumps session Jaie Toohey and Jed Mildon pulled off in Australia, this is an extreme display we can watch again and again.

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