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Middle School Street Ball Full Court Shot



Now this is streetball. A middle-schooler takes a full-court shot at the end of the clock and drains it, sending the crowd into madness. It’s remarkable that a kid of this age can even throw the ball that far, much less get it to go in the hoop.

Here’s an experiment: next time you’re in a basketball gym, go to one side of the court and try to make a full-court shot. You’ll likely find that sometimes, you won’t even reach the hoop, and when you do, it’s impressive if you even hit the backboard — much less make it in the hoop. These shots are hard, but enough kids are taking full-court shots across the world that some of them are bound to go in. Now we can’t wait to see what kind of feats he accomplishes in high school. Is it possible to make a basket from outside the court? The parking lot, maybe?

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