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Mountain Biking In The Gobi Desert



Mountain biking in the U.S typically takes place in outdoor, woodsy environments with more challenging and varied terrain than city streets. In a lot of cases, however, the spots mountain bikers head to don’t exactly qualify as “mountainous.”

In this video, we see athletes taking the term “mountain biking” quite literally. The Gobi Desert is home to extremely large, craggy, sandy mountains that offer highly unforgiving freeriding terrain. After hiking their way through China, however, these Adrenalists went out there to see what they could do with their wheels. The result almost has more to do with skiing than it does conventional forms of biking: they slalom down the mountain so as not to pick up too much speed and to maintain their balance, and they follow very thin trails down the face.

Throw in some flips and other adrenaline-fueled tricks and what you have is the most extreme variety of biking in the world.

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