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Olly Barkley Stops Pitch Invader



We would never condone running onto a field or pitch if you aren’t one of the players in the game. It’s dangerous to both you and the players, and it disturbs the event that everyone came there to watch. There is, however, another reason. You might end up getting speared by a man who is much bigger, angrier and more athletic than you are. For example, there’s the case of this individual who sprints into a rugby game wearing a blonde wig. His troubles earn him a shoulder to the chest.

English Rugby Union player, Olly Barkley, gets a little fed up with this makeshift Goldilocks and decides that waiting for him to finish his little escapade is taking way too long. With a poetic spear of rugby justice, Barkley takes down the pitch invader with no trouble at all.

Thanks to Barkley, rugby will live on to be played another day.

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