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Papisse Cisse’s Goal Of The Season



Move over Lionel Messi.

Papiss Cisse’s eye-popping Wednesday strike at Chelsea will live long in the memories of his Newcastle mates.

From the wing, the Senegalese national belted the ball on the bounce, achieving accuracy, grunt and astonishing swerve. The goalie was left standing as the ball rocketed into the back of the net. From the angle and distance at which Cisse thumped the ball, any other player would have blasted it a mile wide, perhaps bouncing it off a floodlight.

Observers hailed Cisse’s success as a possible Goal of the Season. We think this curler might even be one of the greatest goals of all time.

And just to rub it in, it was the striker’s second goal of the match. Newcastle beat Chelsea 2-0.

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