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Parkour By David Belle



There are some things the human body just doesn’t seem like it’s meant to do. When we watch David Belle, the founder of Parkour, we’re reminded just what those are.

Son of a French militiamen famous for his champion rope-climbing ability and his aplomb while navigating dangerous and physically taxing rescue missions, David was likely born an athlete. There’s more to him, however, than raw ability.

There’s something about the tranquil precision of Belle’s movements that suggests a seasoned master who’s had decades to hone a skill passed down through generations, but that’s not the case. Though Belle may have inherited agility and speed and strength, he popularized Parkour without the help of any lucky chromosomes.

With an eclectic background in Kung Fu, rope-climbing, gymnastics, acting, choreography and furniture sales (yes, Belle actually worked in a furniture store after a stint in the French military fire service), he’s birthed a movement that’s spread to every corner of the world. His accomplishments are bested only by his continuing ability to create physical art while showing off a filmic level of body control. Sometimes, we want to yell out like over-protective parents: “David, careful! No!” Then, we remember: being an innovator is meaningless if there’s nothing to lose.

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